Regularly offered workshops are open to public. Stay tuned for upcoming events, workshops, and clinics.

INDIVIDUAL Support & Care

Confidential, in-person, 1:1 support can be scheduled by appointment.

CORPORATE Training & Development

Small to large group workshops, peer groups, and/or keynotes.

LIFE-as-a-VERB Party

Your thoughts have power. So imagine how powerful it will be when you and a few friends combine that power. That's what happens in a Life-as-a-Verb Life Party.


By Canadian Red Cross, program is interactive, actively involving participants in learning how to identify, understand and cope with varying degrees of distress for self-care and care-for-others.

PEER GROUP Facilitation

You have a specific topic you would like coaching on and you have colleagues, peers or friends who also have interest in the same topic.

Laser Coaching 1:1 Program

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Association Meetings and Speaking Engagements

Solutions for Your Association Members

"You were fantastic. Thank you for rendering your expertise and knowledge to this group of supply chain professionals." ~ Tanaya B. Jain, Regional Campaigns Manager, Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario

"Tamelynda showcases an engaging and interactive connection to her audience . . . When she speaks it feels like she is speaking directly to me...a speaker with strength, support and style." ~ SH, London, ON

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Get excited with us about enhancing your own resiliency for self-care or caring for others!