Why participate in group facilitation?

Significant Learning Experience
Members realize deep and significant learning from their own and their peers’ experiences, ​especially from reflecting on the questions and results of the action taken between meetings.

My own understanding and appreciation for peer group coaching began in 1990, when I attended a small business course at our community college. The classroom sessions were fantastic and I wanted to continue the learning well after the program ended. I introduced the idea, and subsequently coordinate a monthly peer group program for anyone in the class who wanted to continue the conversation and provide peer support to each other. The group met over 3 years with many successes for our entrepreneurial participants.

Since, I have continued to coordinate and facilitate peer group sessions on numerous topics. Through a facilitated process and uniquely defined format specific to the audience, groups of friends, peers or colleagues can experience successful guidance and support for whatever topic the peer group is designed around.

As a qualified adult educator and group facilitator and passionate advocate of mentoring, coaching and peer support, I will create a peer group designed around a specific topic whether it’s business or personal life themes. Imagine the power and benefits!

Peer Group Facilitation Process

Needs Assessment • Learning Objectives • Group Discussion Design • Facilitated and Interactive Scheme • Principles of Adult Education and Facilitation • Evaluation and ROI

Peer Group Coaching
Ongoing focused forum for 6 -15 group members who collaboratively use coaching to help each other address real, existing, important challenges and opportunities in their personal and/or professional lives. Formally Structured Facilitated Forum
Members help each other by sharing thoughtful, provoking questions to describe and clarify their situations
and then to develop realistic action steps to achieve their goals. Additional Support
Between meetings, members embark on their action steps and if/when necessary tap into their peer group
for additional support.

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