You want to take things forward and make a difference, being successful!

I help clients move from stuck to unstuck and achieving the success they deserve.

Compass iStock imagePackage includes six (6) months of UNLIMITED 1:1 coaching with Tamelynda Lux (laser-focused 15-minute sessions) via Zoom for less than $94/month.

We will come up with homework on each session/Zoom call to move you closer to your goal.  You can schedule as many 15-minute sessions as you’d like over the six (6) month period of the program from your start date, however, you must complete your homework before scheduling the next session/Zoom call.  This is not for procrastinators … this is for action takers!

You will also receive access to me by email during our time working together if you need assistance with your homework or if you have any questions about your goals. You can pick my brain, which is something I only allow my clients to do (a $997 value).

Our first session will be 30 minutes so that I can get to know you and make sure we both feel good about me helping you go after the results you want.  If during this call either of us feels this isn’t a fit, your money will be returned and the coaching arrangement terminated (so there’s no risk).

As a bonus, you’ll receive by email an MP3 audio focusing on motivation – a $240 value.  As another bonus, you will also receive a gift proven helpful in increasing confidence.

There are scheduled intake periods and limited number of spots available for each.

Tamelynda June2019Current intake closes July 2nd, 2019 and is limited to nine (9) clients for this intake period (June 2019).  If you would like one of the spots then connect with me by email for additional details.  I am closing this offer Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 at midnight . . . it’s first come, first served.  Once payment is made, you will be sent the link to book your first call with me.

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