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Our Approach

We facilitate a process that helps clients recognize their strengths and values, identify challenges, and develop solutions with realistic action plans, then provide a follow-up program to help clients stay on track.

Our Story

The roots of our business started in 1988 – yes, 30 years ago!  The business grew and evolved over the years, always on a foundation of resilience.  Through the years, many challenges, obstacles, and life hurdles were met – personally and professionally – and with each accomplishment, greater resilience realized.


Tamelynda Lux

Founder & CEO

With over 30 years of experience in private practice as a consultant and coach, Tamelynda has helped many clients with life transition.  ​She has worked both privately with clients and on contract with post-secondary educational institutions
as well as government and private sector businesses. Since founding her private practice in 1988, Tamelynda continues to support clients 1:1 or in groups (small business, corporate, non-profit, etc.) and is like a guide, helping clients step more fully into their strengths.  During her unique process, she helps clients find their own best answers and solutions to achieving greater resilience.

​Additionally, Tamelynda has specialized experience with family business, having worked with leading family businesses and family business advisors as executive director for 18 years with a non-profit organization focused on family business education and support. An entrepreneur, she has successfully navigated business ownership and marriage and provides coaching to others through business start-up or growth. Tamelynda especially enjoys working with new entrepreneurs has they learn to maintain and balance a successful marriage/family life and successful business.

Join the Team

We’re building our team of associates who focus on resilience training and development in a variety of formats and we collaborate with for special projects. If you wish to join our team and be listed here, please contact us to discuss your philosophy, delivery method, and topics.

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